Quality Policy

Our quality policy stands committed to maintaining the good manufacturing practices, conform to the International standards and ensure a timely supply of goods with cost effectiveness. We believe in achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction and market leadership in domestic, as well as overseas markets, by implementing the Quality Management Systems (QMS) on a continual basis

Quality Control

Quality control begins at the time of material planning and continues through the process of receiving the APIs and other material for the production, which is sourced from approved, reputed vendors. The process of monitoring the stability of the product during the shelf life continues until the release of the finished goods for sale and expiry of the product.

We have an in-house modern testing laboratory, which is equipped with all the necessary instruments and a highly-qualified technical staff. An area of over 7,000 sq ft and a team of over 25 skilled employees is dedicated especially for QC activities.

Quality Management & Assurance

We use ultra-modern technology and strict operating procedures. The technically skilled team maintains the highest standards of safety and utilizes environmentally-friendly and clean processes for quality management.

We have received approvals from various ministries of health & regulatory agencies for the sales & distribution of our products.

New Drug Discovery

Formulation research and development is carried out by experienced scientists, technicians, and chemists. The team specializes in creating alternate processes for generic formulations. It is equipped to conduct the following processes for formulation development:

• Product and process optimization

• Analytical method development

• Analytical method validation

• Evaluation and techno-marketing studies

• Technology transfer